crown broke off at gum line

( I suggest you read my recent post about the negative impact the economy has had on dental care…l share some helpful insights about your financial concerns.) Insurance is not an issue, timing is!! IMMEDIATELY. DISCLAIMER: The advice I offer in response to your questions is intended to be informational only and generic in nature. No post as far as I know under the crown but I’m not sure. I have the money to go to the dentist if I need to go immediately, however it would be awfully nice to wait 3-4 weeks until the insurance kicks in. That raises the question: why and how did you develop decay under your crowns and what’s going on in the rest of your mouth? It has a cap/crown on it and it’s a baby tooth. More than likely, you cracked off part or all of the inner (tongue side) cusp of one of your molars or bicuspids. Then ask for his opinion as to what can be done to correct them- i.e., a new treatment suggestion. I was told root canal teeth do this often (break off). Bacteria from the dead tooth can spread and affect infect other teeth or worse, your gums or even the jaw itself. I returned to my dentist thinking maybe the filling had cracked. You need to see a dentist ASAP. turns out it was a loose filling and it popped out this evening. With my dentist gone, what should I do? Hi Dr.Sinkin Thank you for your kind reply. I wish there was a way of getting a “removable crown” (like one you can remove to allow air and circulation, I feel like I have a blanket over my tooth smothering it. Sight unseen, l really can’t make a diagnosis. (As an aside, the cost of a root canal, post and core and crown is often not much different than replacing a tooth with an implant and crown.). As long as you don’t develop an abscess WHICH IS VERY POSSIBLE, your tooth will probably not cause your acute distress in the short term. But less treatment is not necessarily more conservative treatment if one considers the long-term prognosis of a tooth. I have an appointment with him in two weeks to get a permanent crown made for it. I’ve had a root canal on this tooth about three years ago and now it seems to want to start acting up. What should I do? Knowing that materials, training, and tools can involve the surging of the prices. If you want more accurate care or if something changes and you experience greater symptoms, seeing a Canadian dentist is a good idea. Molars can suffer everything from tiny, unnoticeable hairline cracks below the gum line to dramatic breaks resulting in sudden and immediate destruction of nearly the entire tooth structure, pulp tissue, tooth enamel, and damaged nerve endings. For the last few months I’ve been having a foul smell coming from it. Is this always the case because the dentist did not advise me of this. Dear Melody, I really appreciate it, that was good information. Thank you for a thoughtful response, to someone who not only isn’t your client, but doesn’t even live near you!! Was your tooth healthy previously untreated and you had the misfortune to bite on something unexpectantly hard? Get yee to a dentist and good luck. I left voice mail on phone to dentist .I hope to go see tomorrow.i usually have in the past years had a tooth removed at an oral surgeon and not with regular dentist. Please tell me what do. The check up was quite scary and i informed her so. Dr. Sinkin The tooth seems to have rotted out underneath the crown. Meanwhile, keep the stump clean, it’s usually OK to brush in these situations. I had a root canal filling and the tooth has Thank you, Dear Celeste, It is sensitive to cold and is really scaring me. Dr. Sinkin. This morning my temp dental implant came out. Dr. Sinkin. A vertical apical root involves the middle of the tooth and its root. Thanks for the information Dr. Sinkin, you relieved some of my concerns. Best of luck. This morning, a large visible part of the first unit (#9) broke off in pieces. He began removing the crown and half way through I started feeling terrible pain even with numbing me multiple times. As to whether you should have a dental implant will be based in part to what is going on in the rest of your mouth. 4 years ago I went for wisdom tooth extraction and the surgeon broke my tooth 31 which was perfectly fine. What a nice service you offer….thanks again! I don’t have dental insurance and money is very tight right now for me as well. It’s been 6 weeks since the extraction and the pain is back just like it was before extraction. This could have happened for any one of a number of reasons but the bottom line is that once the seal was disturbed, bacteria was getting under the crown….hence the smell. Just curious, did you swallow the bourbon? I started to develop pain there that would last 20 minutes a day a few times a day. My advice….start by making a dental appointment for an evaluation only. Assuming the damage was due to trauma, teeth in this situation can often be saved. Hi, sorry to bother you. I’m desperate to not keep going back to the dentist for this, but also horrified at the idea of anyone seeing me like this. That was the crown of course – at the time, I ignored it, the tooth looked fine, and I turned a blind eye. Or fix the broken area on the front of #9? Best of luck, Thank you Dr Sinkin for the prompt response and help. Your email address will not be published. This is a very economical way to preserve the tooth and avoid the dental mishap you now must deal with. I know they are expensive, but they sure beat the options. Call the endodontist and convey that you are in pain and need to be seen on an emergency basis to get relief. Last night the temp. Scene l – Pain that Halts you in “Mid-Chew” Hi my tooth just fell out (it was a baby tooth) I can’t be sure but from memory I had the replacement adult fang removed about 10yrs ago because it grew through top of my gum I can’t get to dentis for another five days I’m hoping there is no risk off infection. I suggest you go sooner rather than later. do you have any suggestions? If he’s on vacation , I would imagine he has arranged for emergency coverage. Filed Under: Dental Facts Tagged With: Broken Tooth, Cracked Tooth, dental fear, Dental Patients, Dentist, dentist blog, Lost Crown, Michael Sinkin, new york dentist, Hi! Brush your prepared tooth as normal and make an appointment. I had a 2 temporary crowns put on 3 days ago (they are connected, so one big crown) and now it’s Saturday night. Dear Misty, DEAR WENDY, Dr Sinkin, Dr. Sinkin, I recently had a tooth repaired with a I guess a bonding. But at least in my personal experience that is the exception rather than the rule. So I was happy. Nothing hurts except for the molar being sharp and cutting up the side of my tongue, which is causing me pain when I eat or drink when I swallow because my tongue moves against the sharp edge of the molar. This will cost around $1800 aust dollars. Essentially you have a hollow tooth that had broken and the temporary filling is disolving and displaced. My intent is solely educational and my responses to your actual questions serve as springboard to discussion of a variety of dental topics that come up in day-to-day dental practice. – Dr. Sinkin. And I am not yet 40 yrs old, at least not for another 3 weeks. Use your finger tips.. Alternately, after you loosen the cusp, you can bite into a warm sticky piece of caramel or Milky Way Bar and dislodge the piece by first hardening the candy by sipping cold water and then open your mouth quickly.If ambesol is not available, get a piece of ice and place it against the gum where the tooth is broken and loose, You might not want to place the ice between the tooth fragments as your tooth will likely be sensitive to the cold. Did your dentist explain your particular situation? But I’m worried there is something else going on although he said there is nothing in the x-rays. Whether that be with another crown for your #31 or replacing the entire tooth with an implant depends on a critical evaluation of the current state of your tooth and an answer to the question, why did two crowns fail in such a short time? Perhaps the tooth did not have sufficient structure to support the crown. I left a second message, same. Dont know what to do. Basically i was just at my dentist last week to have a aggravated tooth that had a root canal done, it was hurting into my ear and the gum was very inflamed,my dentist said it had a seam where food was getting in and he would fill this he figured It would take care of the problem well now it is still hurting even when I don’t eat,but what’s really odd is that is my very last tooth on upper left hand side and now the opposite upper on right became really sensitive and now gum is sore and inflamed almost like its touching the inside of my cheek and it happened like out of nowhere. It’s like being able to distinguish the forest from the trees. Thank you again! Happy New Year! So, call the dentist for some guidance. If the crack extends below the gum line, it can’t be saved, so it will need to be extracted. Will it feel better If I do? A couple years ago leaving the dentist, newly proud of my ‘work,’ that I had had done, and managed to get through, I bit down, and heard/felt what was a tiny crack. It almost appears as though I may have had some tooth around the perimeter, so she (dentist) put filling material in, and the crack that I heard not too long after leaving the dentist, was probably that thin perimeter bit of tooth that just cracked at the gum line. Dr. Sinkin, Dear Dr: No, I would not charge you to replace your crown. If your tooth remains sensitive, root canal is the next step. Grateful that drs cleared me via tons of xrays, at that time..currently on disability, have severe fibromyalgia etc) I would like to know, can I still save my tooth? Here’s a. Dr. Sinkin. Dent Temp: Whether you use the premixed version or the powder and liquid place it in the tooth’s void and pat it with water to harden the material. Rinsing with Listerine is an added measure to prevent bacterial build-up. There are numerous products available in the dental aisle of your local pharmacy that can help: 5. Only ice in my mouth helped over Friday, Sat and Sun night until an Ortho was able to do a root canal Monday morning. If the crown was developing a crack, your gum may have become sensitive because the piece may have lifted away from the tooth allowing bacteria to invade the space and cause irritation. It worked to hold the tooth in place during the day until I needed to have a meal and then the normal bumping from food, tongue, lips, etc managed to loosen the tooth. Dr Sinkin. What you described on your opposing tooth (the plunging stalactite) is actually referring to as a plunger cusp and often needs to be re-contoured to diminish force concentration. Best, Good luck.]. That depends on how much confidence and trust you have in your dentist. Best, I think I prefer to skip temporarily gluing it back in, unless it’s necessary to do so. … at the same time, he advised me to go back to the DDS and get a check up, because he told me it was related to the root canal, I went and he said that my tooth breakage has extended and that I needed to have it removed: To me this is very unfair, for I paid a high amount of money to have these two procedures done, and as I know, crowns are supposed to last for several years. In fact I encourage it. Please help! Use acetone (nail polish remover) on a gauze pad to wipe off excess glue. Should you consider dental services there, you can ask them by email to find out more information. Thank you!! My upper right last tooth fell out with the gold crown and took the tooth with it. Spam it: 1. The molar behind this tooth is also scheduled for a crown. I would encourage you to ask your dentist to consider placing a porcelain fused to gold crown on your other molar. Did you have a bone graft where your tooth was extracted and are you going to have an implant? When the dentist prepared the core for the permanent crown, he drilled it down to a very small stub, barely bigger than the old tooth. A crown that comes off 7 times doesn’t fit. Additionally, because #15 is subjected to much biting force, your tooth could break below the gum or through the nerve and that would lead to more costly and involved treatment. Subject: [Dr. Michael Sinkin, D.D.S] Please moderate: “What to do if your Tooth Cracks or You Lose a Crown ”, A new comment on the post “What to do if your Tooth Cracks or You Lose a Crown ” is waiting for your approval I consider a lost or severely broken front tooth to be a circumstance in which I will make time to evaluate and treat (even if it’s a temporary measure until more definitive care can be done.) Short of that, be careful not to chew on that side. Temporary crown must be out of bite, shorter than the adjacent teeth to allow undisturbed dental implant healing. Once you damage a crown, you’ll likely need to replace it. Just now, he came in and told met the “silver top” came off one of them, and he has it in-hand. Thanks for your input. There’s no pain or swelling, but the soonest appointment I could get with a dentist is five days from now. I talked to the dentist and the only option he gave me it’s to have my tooth removed and afterwards to either to put an implant or a removable kind of a denture to cover up that space of the missing tooth, for either one, these are both very expensive! His pain is quite severe. No pain and no sensitivity to cold. Failure to properly restore a tooth treated with root canal is the most common reason that leads to its being extracted. Ur website + professionalisM is a Godsend. Any advice offered is no substitute for proper evaluation and care by a qualified dentist. Odd thing is, I can stick it back in that spot and it doesn’t move unless i eat something like your example, a charleston chew on that side. I chipped my front tooth, and bought Dentemp to help bond, however, it keeps slipping off even after 2 hours on. Several questions come to mind: Did your tooth have previous treatment such as bonding or bonded fillings? Is there anything I can do temporarily to fill in the hole until the 1st of September when my I can afford to go to the dentist? It is also possible to develop a cavity where the crown and tooth meet-technically we call that junction the margin of the crown but you can think of it as a seam. I remove the tooth every 1-2 days and gently brush the gum, root, and crown. You should have it looked at before an inconveniently timed emergency occurs. My problem is that I am afraid to eat on that side of my mouth in case it breaks again. I do not have any pain as I have had a root canal in this tooth. If the tooth did not have root canal, it will probably be sensitive. 2. We have also tried aspirin, Aleve, Orajel, and a lost filling/ loose cap repair kit (has an applicator and some putty that states it would take away the pain). Knowing where you are now dentally and where you need and want to be (obviously free of pain and fully functional and cosmetically intact) is critical in determining how to get there. This tooth also required a filling but the dentist had said that it needed to come out soon so don’t bother. How come i’m feeling anything? What Does It Take To Be Considered A Modern Dentist? Based on what you have told me, if you want to wait until you get home be careful not to chew anything hard which may crack your tooth. I’m not sure if the dentist could fit me in before the holiday but I don’t want to delay and cause more problems…. I also want to be a good self-advocate when I see the dentist for my permanent crown. Namely, I am in no way offering a definitive diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations for your particular situation. I had a crown placed on one of my molars 4 years ago. The crack is in the inner side of the tooth between the 2 cusps. Dr. Sinkin. Thank you for your help I am just very nervous as I am afraid of what the dentist will have to do! With all that is going on in my mouth not sure whether to spend big money on crowns and fillings or not as i am unsure of how long i will have my teeth for ( i know no one really knows but it us extremely scary for me). I can visualize the problem as you so well describe. It may just require 10 minutes to correct and you can have piece of mind and comfort. You invested quite a bit of time, effort, money, and perhaps some degree of discomfort or inconvenience into your treatment…including the surgical apicoectomy that you alluded to. Nothing like a dental mishap to ruin the experience of malted milk balls which happen to be a personal favorite of mine. You need a little more explanation, but don’t let it keep you up at night. Your email address will not be published. I have a temporary currently on the tooth while we await the permanent to come in. The best advice I can give for right now is coat the tooth with Sensodyne to get some relief from the pain. Dear Chris. Good luck. There is no pain. In theory and practice, I have no problems with a 3 unit bridge. This will help to reduce the unpleasantries of cold stimulus. Depending on the level of the buried tooth, a root canal is very painless and extremely effective. It lasted a week and a piece on the inner side of my temp crown chipped. I did as instructed and at a follow-up appointment when I voiced my concern again he told me he was very busy and didn’t have time to deal with it. 1. If the tooth cannot be saved, he or she will give you an objective appraisal of your treatment options. That you need to replace 2 existing crowns due to decay, I would think twice before making a fixed bridge which is harder to clean than individual crowns. Should I seek a 2nd opinion? Most important: Chew on the other side and don’t forget. Now my filling is fully exposed but my dentist is closed until monday. From your description, I fear you will probably lose the tooth. My next appt is in 4 weeks time to get the permanent crown sorted out. Remember. But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. The harsh reality is that there is no point discussing what may be, it is what it is. Patients often have the diagnosis, we the healthcare providers just have to listen closely enough. I’ve had a cavity in one of my bottom right bicuspids. As temperory measure by putting filling powder from local pharmacy shop will fix the problem ? So today the post fell off and I just filed the hole up with temp putty. I am really really worried. Is this something to be worried about?? Will polygrip hold for 3 weeks? You would need to gently clean the inside of the crown with toothpaste first. Many of my front teeth have been worn down 30% or more. Upon X-rays and an exam, the dentist found that the tooth was cracked on the lingual side. Based on your description, I think you will be fine for the next few days. Hi, I just had a temporary crown placed over my front teeth this last week and ever since, there is tenderness in the front roof of my mouth; it almost feels like the crown is cutting into the top of my mouth. And less treatment can be tantamount to “patch” work that may ultimately fail. Mine is missing the part that covers my back left molars, and several teeth have been worked on since I got it, so I doesn’t fit super well. On the back side when I pulled the floss out the crown popped up. Someone said my only option is to have a costly implant done. Best, And to answer your question about the worst that could happen to your tooth, it could fracture and require extraction. I am very upset and don’t want to lose my tooth! Any relief you get will only be temporary and Thanksgiving is 2 days away. I cracked my tooth but the filling is still intact and the cracked piece is still intact. The good news is that your “root canaled” molar was protected by the crown. You most likely have what could be described as a dental splinter that is stuck in your gum which happens if a tooth is broken and decayed and is chipping away. Whilst eating an apple tonight a tooth that had a failed root canal a while ago snapped completely on one side. This is how most dentists recommend you use it: apply it to your tooth and let it sit there for 30 seconds or so. Good luck. Once the problem is understood, careful planning and a staged treatment approach can make the financial burden less overwhelming. You probably cleaved of the weakened cusp while biting and what remains is the filling and the rest of your tooth. I’m left with less than half of my teeth and am barely able to eat without excruciating pain. Will I have to have the entire tooth removed?? I wouldn’t be surprised if the piece comes off over the next couple of days. Clearly the hard candy cracked your tooth, but to what extent the damage is to the remaining tooth or nerve remains undetermined. I looked for dental cement in my local pharmacies but they don’t carry it. Our cruise departs tomorrow morning! Should I just extract and leave it as the tooth is supporting molar? Now one last fragment is remaining and has been currently loosened a week ago and continues to loosen. Now I read that’s not a great idea either. I do not have insurance and this is all getting expensive. Debra, without seeing your tooth, your description leads me to surmise that your tooth may need to be extracted. Enjoy your trip. When do braces like an oral occlusive device generally need to be redone? Tonight I bit into a hard cracker and almost half of the tooth on the tongue side broke completely off. Hi Dr Sinkin. Unbelievable the difference whiskey Do u happen to hav any recommendations which I culd pass along to him? She told me that everything will be ok. My patients know that I can always be reached by calling 212-685-3040: if the office is closed, listen to the message and you will be given my cell number. This way you can have your tooth evaluated with the peace of mind that the dentist will just be looking. It didn’t hurt then, but now the entire remainder is handing off like a snaggle tooth and it’s painful! Be mindful that even with the fixodent, they are more likely to become unglued, so avoid chewing with them. E-mail: Implants might be proper treatment for some of your failing crowns, BUT I think that a proper evaluation of your current dental condition as well as a complete dental history including diet is the first needed before a final treatment decision is made. Periodontitis vs Gingivitis: What Are The Differences? I swallowed by temporary crown last night at dinner. It was my understanding that my next appt was to prepare this second tooth for a crown, give it a temporary then set both crowns at a 3rd appointment (I misstated in my earlier message about when the permanent crown would be seated) I need to be out of town tomorrow so Thurs June 20th would be the soonest I could schedule an appointment. Are you having a bridge or an implant? The worst thing is I’m on vacation in a remote part of Asia and can’t get to a dentist for nearly 2 weeks. Advised that root canal is not necessary. I have personally orchestrated comprehensive care over a 10-year period where now my patient is coming to the end of active care with her missing teeth replaced with strategically-placed implants.
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